Governance consultancy and support
for voluntary organisations

"Your updates are so relevant, thoroughly researched and up-to-date, they are a real pleasure to read, and such a valuable resource for our small(ish) charity."
UK director of a small international charity

"Very much appreciate the easy to read and digest nature of the updates, and being able to make sense of what otherwise could be overwhelming information."
Partnership organisation in Portsmouth

Unfortuately, since 2017 I have not had the capacity to continue producing email legal updates and maintain my legal update website. When the website became so out-of-date that information could be misleading or even dangerous, I had no choice but to remove all updates from the website. I know the emails and website are greatly missed, and I greatly miss doing them, but family and other pressures made it impossible to continue and there was no one to take it over. I am sorry ... but they were good for the 20+ years they lasted.

If you have a query I may be able to provide basic information or signpost you to a source, but I can't promise.

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Governance consultancy and support for voluntary organisations

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