Training and consultancy on governance and law
for the voluntary sector

The legal update website for voluntary organisations website was restructured in August 2013, and items previously on the Managing the organisation page ( are now on new pages.

Charitable status, company law, industrial and provident society law, issues relating to incorporation and being unincorporated, and governance and trusteeship are on Legal structures and charitable status at

Data protection, freedom of information, electronic communications, the internet, intellectual property, campaigning, events, licensing, publicity, marketing etc are on Activities and services at

Assets, contract law, risk, liability, insurance, and financial difficulties and insurance are on are on Risk, finance, funding and property at

Charitable incorporated organisations
If you have got to this page because you are looking for information about charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs), it is at: for general information about CIOs
and for issues when deciding whether to incorporate, and when choosing between charitable company and CIO.


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for the voluntary sector

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